SEO / Online Credibility

How can you increase your online credibility AND keep Google happy at the same time?


You may have heard about search engine optimisation, that dark art of getting your website to the first page of Google for a particular search term.

Ready for the TRUTH!?

We have been optimising websites for Google search engines for more than 5 years and Google move the goalposts, all too regularly. A strategy that worked 6 months ago no longer does. However, all is not lost... In that 5 years we have found one strategy that has NEVER been penalised by Google and when we tell you what it is, it makes perfect sense!

That strategy is REGULAR UPDATES!


Google’s main doctrine is relevance. Their success is based entirely on being able to return the most relevant results to any given search. If they did not do that, they would not be the most used search engine in the world with 98% market share, it is that simple.

So, a website that is regularly updated is not only good for credibility with your visitors, Google loves it too and over time will reward your site with higher positions in their index for your particular search terms.

What does it cost? We provide you with 2 ways of regularly updating your site:


1. If you have free time, we can provide you with a content management system and a full half day of training to update your own site at a fixed investment of £397.


2. If you do not have free time, we can update the website weekly for you for a fixed fee of just £80 per month.*

Remember, there are many strategies that come and go in terms of improving search engine position over time, but regular updates make the most sense and is the most cost effective strategy that has consistently produced results!

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(* min. 12-month contract)

What our clients say

"Well I honestly could not be happier with my website or my mobile site. The Google Adwords campaign Be Smart Media created and manage for me generates most of my enquiries. I regard Be Smart Media as an integral part of my business... I could not do without them!"

James Boyd - J1 Construction
(main website and pay per click campaign)

"We have recently upgraded our website, which has been with Be Smart Media for years now, to be fully mobile phone friendly and redesigned to make it really modern. We had been live with the new site for a month when we were approached by Hatfields Furniture, who had looked at our site and had been impressed with how we looked as a company.  Thanks in part to Be Smart Media we now have a working relationship with the premier furniture supplier in Colchester."

Paul Blowers - Heatsafe Installations (fully mobile responsive website)

"Be Smart Media have been our web design company of choice for some considerable time now. They have achieved first rate results in terms of Google position for us and recently added a mobile site with click to call and click to text functions. We had no idea this technology was even available to us and certainly not at that price... thank you!"

Di Lee - Whitehall Electrical
(main and mobile versions and SEO)