Pay Per Click

The 5 reasons why you should pay Google for visitors to your website

Once you have your professional online presence, it may be part of the initial plan to drive high quality, cost effective visitors to your website and/or mobile site using paid advertising like Google AdWords. There are 5 reasons why this can be an excellent online strategy:

1. It is precisely measurable - you know exactly what it costs and can calculate exactly what business you generate from it (your return on investment). Get the “recipe” right, rinse and repeat! 

2. It is completely controllable - it can be switched on and off and even altered in real time. 

3. It is laser targeted - No scatter gun approach - you are marketing to those people who are ACTIVELY SEARCHING ONLINE FOR YOUR GOODS OR SERVICE. 

4. It is easily automated - once you have all the ingredients right for your business, you can leave it to run on autopilot - generating leads/sales/enquires with a positive return. 

5. Improved Google position - Driving high quality traffic to your site using Google Adwords can massively improve your natural Google position*.

How can Be Smart Media help you?

Success in PPC (pay per click) all depends on conducting the correct research at the beginning. We have developed our own procedure which involves 3 key stages:

1. We find the key phrases people are searching for related to your product or service. 

2. We ensure we pay the right amount for a visitor. 

3. Most importantly.... we get the psychology right!

What does it cost?


The initial research is completely FREE. Why? We only want to proceed with those businesses we feel have an excellent chance of generating a positive return on their investment using this method.

If the initial signs from the FREE research are positive, the investment required for a typical campaign strategy design and implementation is:

SETUP - £247 one off fee. This includes implementing the research completed, creating AdWords campaigns, multiple Ads for desktop and mobile, keyword listings, URL landing page analysis and split testing Ads for best performance to start with. Set up once then turn it on and off as you require

ONGOING - from £80 per month for monitoring and management plus an agreed budget paid directly to Google for visitors.

For a FREE report on your current overall online marketing strategy, call us today!

(*Correct at time of writing, Google change their algorithm too frequently to guarantee.)