Offline Marketing

Do you still have to market offline? The answer of course is YES!

The use of direct mail has steadily grown since 2010 with the increase in effectiveness of spam filters on email systems, this "old fashioned" form of marketing is on the increase and it is getting smarter.

Our 10 Point Direct Mail Checklist:

1. Look at your Direct Mail as a customer - see what they see.


2. Focus on your main objective. What do YOU want the receiver to do?


3. Ensure your main points are obvious to the first time reader, your prospect.


4. Plan your Direct Mailing piece, ensure it looks as though it all belongs 



5. Will the receiver want to open it NOW?

6. Make the message come first.


7. Remember that Direct Mail is an attempt to sell. Address your recipients' needs, talk about what they want and not about your product or service.


8. Make sure you get your whole story across without boring them!


9. Only use graphics that enhance your message not just look pretty.


10. They have read it, they are excited by it, they want to get in touch - ensure the methods to do so are clear and concise and that your systems can cope!

Our Direct Mail solutions start way before the postman arrives! We can work on your database to avoid duplicate mailings, provide you with dedicated mail shot leads and advise you on ways to save money on packaging and postage. Interested? Please call us today!



Unlike any of our competitors, our packages include researched strategies to generate visitors to your website through Google or social media. We can then implement these strategies for you to get the phone ringing.



All of our websites are fully mobile responsive, the standard insisted upon by Google themselves so they are equally as effective on desktop, ipad and mobile phones. If you are not mobile friendly, you will be missing opportunities.



High end animation and video production is all included in our online marketing packages as standard. The videos can be used to make your social presence really stand out from the competition.

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