Mobile Responsive Websites

Why do I need a professionally designed, mobile responsive website for my business?

Does your current online presence give the impression you want to give to prospective customers?  Did you know that, generally speaking, you have less than 10 seconds to make a first impression when someone is visiting your website?

If your website is poorly designed, there is a great chance that a potential customer will navigate away from your website immediately and instead go to one of your competitors' sites instead

For many people, a visit to your website will be the first point of contact with your business. If you want them to continue visiting your site , it has to look professional, work to a strategy and contain the correct conversion tools to generate interest. 

How can Be Smart Media help you?

Unlike most web design companies, we do not jump straight in to designing you a website. We look at your overall online strategy and develop a staged plan to make best use of the internet specifically for your business. There are 3 initial stages:

1. We FIND your potential online customer group with money to spend on your goods or services.
2. We RESEARCH their psychology to discover what makes them spend their money.
3. We DESIGN a website for your target customer group that will help you maximise your return from the internet.

Google's New Rules

Google now insist that your website is mobile responsive, that is, it resizes itself to fit on a desktop PC, an iPad or a mobile phone, to allow the visitor to easily navigate it without the need for zooming in or out.  If your website does not cater for mobile phone users, it will eventually no longer appear in searches on mobile phones. With up to 90% of searches for some businesses being conducted on mobile phones, it is extremely important for your website to be mobile responsive. All of our websites are mobile responsive as standard.

To check if your current site is mobile responsive, go to the following link and enter your web address.  If your current site is not mobile responsive, get in touch as we can often fix this issue before you are penalised by Google.

What does it cost?

There is little point in just having an amazing website if your potential customers o not see it. For this reason we only provide full online marketing packages which includes a mobile responsive, professional website AND traffic generation. These two elements together provide your business with everything you need to generate money online. 

The website is one part of your online success - click here for package details.
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Unlike any of our competitors, our packages include researched strategies to generate visitors to your website through Google or social media. We can then implement these strategies for you to get the phone ringing.



All of our websites are fully mobile responsive, the standard insisted upon by Google themselves so they are equally as effective on desktop, ipad and mobile phones. If you are not mobile friendly, you will be missing opportunities.



High end animation and video production is all included in our online marketing packages as standard. The videos can be used to make your social presence really stand out from the competition.

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